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Richtek serves Cannington with friendly, prompt, and licensed electrical work. Our technicians will have your electrical project completed safely and responsibly. From complete renovation to the smallest of repairs, Richtek has your needs covered.

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Our electricians are people you are comfortable inviting into your home.

When choosing an electrician, you are not only seeking the best person for the job, but also a guest to invite into your home. It’s not easy to sort through the many options available. Richtek electricians are all highly trained and trustworthy in all aspects of work and life. Our staff treat your home as their own. Furthermore, we only hire individuals who have strong communication skills and a spotless background.


Our team is built upon the highest standards within the industry.

The Richtek team includes the most talented electrical minds in the Cannington area. Staff members are held to a high standard of educational requirements, training proficiencies, and general knowledge. They keep up with the latest and very best technologies and equipment available on the market today. Richtek employees provide a level of service that cannot be matched by any of our competitors in the region.


We use the best, most recent technology.

You only want the newest and best technology used on your domestic, commercial, or industrial property. Why spend money on a job that will have to be redone in a few years to update materials or fix a known problem when a better way to do things is already available? Our electricians are up to date with industry trends and will complete your projects accordingly. There won't be any outdated materials or techniques in our work.


Our team is enjoyable to be around.

The advanced training and education of Richtek electricians empowers them to be efficient workers. Their ability to solve your problems quickly combines with their friendly nature to facilitate an enjoyable electrical service experience. After working with a member of our team, you'll understand why we are Cannington's favourite choice for all commercial, domestic, and industrial power needs.


We find your problems before they’re disasters.

One of the benefits of having such highly trained electricians across disciplines is their ability to understand the entire picture of your electrical system. They can predict problems before they arise and do the necessary repairs to prevent them from becoming serious issues.

We recommend having your wiring checked, particularly in an older building, a location that has recently become yours, or a space you are preparing for renovation. Especially in more dated architecture, wires can become exposed. Add aging insulation that can crack and you have the perfect starting point for a fire. Our friendly electricians will not only check your home for any of these pitfalls but fix them while they're there.


Our emergency services are available 24/7.

An electrical emergency is a situation involving sparks or smoke from a powerpoint or light fixture, a power outage only in your home, downed power lines or live wires, or flicker lights in your breaker panel. If you're experiencing any of these conditions, call Richtek for emergency electrical services. We're here for you day or night.


Our staff are experienced across many electrical specialties.

Many electricians specialise and work primarily in the comfortable places of homes or office buildings. However, our team also works with industrial applications. Working across specialties empowers our electricians to provide unique, informed perspectives to all of our clients. Our friendly, prompt electricians are prepared to replace components before they wear out from the harsh conditions.


Richtek electricians work with the big picture in mind.

Our friendly, experienced staff understand the complexities of electrical systems. They know that small or recurring problems are often the result of more significant underlying issues. Unlike other providers who would require a new appointment for even a glance at related challenges, our talented electricians will perform any electrical tasks you need while at your home, office, or business.  There's no need for a second appointment, phone call or wait.

Another benefit of the wide-reaching knowledge of our electricians is their ability to offer advice regarding your actions and electrical needs. You can count on your local electrical systems expert to have your back and notice trees that need to be trimmed, fixtures that are aging, or the deleterious effects of general use and wear. Our goal is to become your electrical support system. The more safe and effective your power is, the happier the team at Richtek will be, too.


Contact us with your electrical concerns.

Ask Richtek about the safety of wiring in your home, office, or shop in Cannington. Richtek offers 24/7 emergency electrical services. If it can’t be fixed immediately, they’ll provide a temporary fix to keep you up and running until they can provide a permanent solution.


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