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Richtek provides the best electrical service in Claremont. Our highly trained team of electricians will handle your power needs professionally and quickly, keeping you comfortable 24/7.

Our trustworthy technicians come to you.

Inviting a stranger into your home can be anxiety-provoking. Richtek understands this and only hires the most trustworthy of electricians. Our staff member will feel like a friend helping with your electricity needs instead of a faceless service provider. We promise to treat your home and family as our own.

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We bring a long history of experience in Claremont.

Richtek was founded because of Philip Richardson's desire to extend the reach of his expertise after 12 years of working in the electrical industry. An expert in industrial, domestic, commercial, and general maintenance, Richardson held a deep understanding of his clients’ needs and how to serve them. The company continues this legacy of general proficiency and excellence.


We use the latest technologies.

From replacing globes to home rewires or restaurant fit-outs, we can solve your electrical problems. Any installation or repair that you need, our team can make it happen. We provide a one hundred percent guarantee that not only can we fix your problem, but also that you'll be pleased with the work performed and your interactions with our electricians.

Other electrical service providers in the Claremont area might seem like they just walked out of the Stone Age, but not us. We only use the most modern, technologically advanced practices known to the industry.


Our electricians value and provide clear communication.

Richtek electricians are friendly individuals who are proud of the services they provide. Their mission is to leave you feeling satisfied with their work. With that goal in mind, they prioritise effective communication throughout the entire repair process. You are guaranteed to feel confident in your decision to call our experienced team.


We help prevent electrical issues during home improvement projects or renovations.

When it comes to home remodels, repairs, or renovations, your local Claremont electrician is not always the first person you think to call. While not the most aesthetic part of most redecoration or repurposing projects, your electrical system will be a vital part of your new space. Call your Richtek certified electrician and set up a thorough inspection before you are too deep into your next home repair project.


By working off of the complete picture of your electrical system, you are sure to avoid any unexpected power outages, electrical damages, or fire. Even when wiring is not visible from your project perspective or all wall outlets appear ontact, it's better to go into a home remodelling project with all of the relevant information. We can be sure that you have it and fix anything that we find before you are caught desperate for our help mid-remodel.


We offer 24/7 support for electrical emergencies.

Electrical emergencies are stressful and frightening no matter who you are, but they can become even more dangerous when they also include a medical emergency or a young child. We offer emergency electrical services 24/7 and promise at least a temporary fix to cover you while we work to remedy your problem entirely.


Are you unsure of what to do in an emergency?

It’s often hard to judge the severity or cause of an emergency situation without finding yourself in a risky position. Before touching anything, turn off the power to the affected area at your electrical box. Don't ever touch live wires or cords with burned plastic on them. Our Richtek electricians are on call 24/7 in Claremont to answer your questions and talk you through the situation. You’re better safe than sorry, so ask for advice on the best actions to take.


We don't require multiple appointments for separate issues.

Other electrical service providers require a new appointment for each individual issue within your power system. Not Richtek! We will stay as long as you need to be confident that we have addressed each of your electrical concerns or problems. Plus, our ability to provide temporary fixes and offer next day appointments adds to our ability to have your system working perfectly as quickly as possible.


 Our electricians are uniquely qualified to offer advice.

The advanced training that each of our team members receives across multiple specialties allows them to provide helpful insights that speak to the needs of your electrical system as a whole. They don't run the risk of missing critical preventative maintenance needs or warning signs of more dangerous problems, because they have a grounded perspective on the functioning of the overall system.


We're here to serve you.

Call today to get your Claremont home, office, or industrial property inspected by one of our licensed and polite team members. From new construction to renovation, Richtek goes the distance to make its customers happy.

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