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Keep your home up to date with Richtek electrical. From the latest thermostat to the most efficient and safe wiring, Richtek’s skilled tradesmen are the ones for the job in Cockburn. Friendly, polite, and respectful, Richtek electricians will show up on time and won’t sign off on the job until you’re satisfied.


Richtek will keep your business in operation during electrical difficulties.

A power outage or fire can cause a massive disaster for any business. The team of experienced electricians at Richtek is available to check whether the wiring on your premises is safe. We perform an in-depth inspection of all of the components of your electrical system and then provide insights into reliable and efficient solutions. You can trust us to keep your company connected to the grid and running effectively.

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We bring experience to ensure that our customers stay safe.

Richtek founder Philip Richardson was known as a standard setter and leader in the electrical industry for over 12 years. He formed his company to continue his legacy and expand the reach of his experience and knowledge. Richtek employs only the sharpest minds, making this team the most skilled electrical service providers in Cockburn.

Our team of electricians stays current with technology.

We offer the newest and best technology for any job from the home to the mine. Our electricians stay current on their education and have advanced training across specialties. They arrive at your job equipped with the tools and ability to take advantage of the newest innovations in the industry and fix your problem to the highest of standards.

Team members will communicate effectively and clearly.

Even though electrical systems are our livelihood and passion, we recognise that not everyone feels the same way. Our electricians use their deep understanding of the subject area to explain the issues in a way that anyone can understand. This removes the fear and uncertainty that can cloud the repair process and makes everything much more relaxed and enjoyable instead.

Richtek’s inspections will have you resting easy.

One of the most frightening aspects of electricity is its ability to cause issues that are hard to catch until it's too late, at least for those without advanced electrical knowledge. Richtek electricians remove the potential for fear and worry by offering thorough inspections of your entire electrical system. They'll tell you if your fixtures and wiring are up to date and if they meet industry standards.  The knowledge provided by your inspection has the potential to protect you, your family, your business, and all who enter your property for years to come.

The assurance of safety that an inspection provides often proves to be invaluable. Plus, our electricians do more than notify you of potential problems. They remedy them, either permanently or temporarily, before they leave your property. Other companies might leave you waiting for a long time for follow-up service, but not Richtek.

Richtek is here to help in the event of an emergency.

Emergency electrical services involve what one might expect. They include 24/7 access to our skilled Cockburn electricians and a promise of, at the very least, a temporary fix to meet your power needs until a complete resolution of the problem is feasible. Often the result of sparks, downed power lines, smoke, or flickering lights on a breaker panel, electrical emergencies can be a big deal. Our team is passionate about keeping your life as free from these situations as possible.

What should you do in an emergency situation?

Electrical emergencies are among the scariest experiences to have in your home. Even non-emergency electrical problems can feel overwhelming. Richtek electricians are on call to help talk you through any situation, even if it's not technically an emergency.  Their extensive training and experience will help keep you calm and safe.

The basic rules of handling an electrical emergency include:

  • Don't touch anything that is smoking or sparked without turning off the power
  • Don't touch live wires, downed power lines, or burned cords

If you follow these simple steps, stay calm, and call Richtek, you'll handle the emergency situation just fine until a professional can get there.

When your repair needs extra work or time, we offer temporary solutions.

Your quality of life and electrical needs matter greatly to us. We don't want you to be inconvenienced more than necessary before you can have your electricity repaired, be it the result of an emergency or undertaking preventative maintenance. Mornings aren't as enjoyable without your cuppa first thing, so we're devoted to providing a workaround solution while you wait for us to complete the permanent fix.

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Ask Richtek about the safety of wiring in your home, office, or shop. Richtek offers 24/7 emergency electrical services in Cockburn. If it can’t be fixed immediately, they’ll provide a temporary fix to keep you up and running.

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