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With Richtek electricians serving Cottesloe, finding a reputable company to meet your electrical needs is no longer an issue. Professional, polite, and efficient are the words often used to praise Richtek’s team. With our 24-hour emergency service, you’re sure to be taken care of when most needed.

Our team members are respected and trusted.

Welcoming strangers into your home is often uncomfortable, but it’s necessary when you need a professional to keep your electricity functional and safe. At Richtek, we only hire the most trustworthy of electricians in work and life. We do thorough background checks and extensive training, so you can be confident about opening your door to our team.

We aim to have a staff that feels like having friends over for a visit instead of intimidating service providers. According to our many happy clients, we've succeeded!

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At Richtek we only hire organised and competent employees.

The Richtek team includes the most talented electrical minds in Cottesloe. Our staff are held to a high standard of educational requirements, training proficiencies, and general knowledge. They keep up with the latest and very best technologies and equipment available on the market today. Richtek employees provide a level of service that cannot be matched.

In addition to their smarts and skills, our employees are prompt and polite. They will inform you when they intend to arrive and will be there on time. They will share what the problem is, their solution, and why that's the best answer. Your interactions with Richtek employees will never be frustrating.

Our teams are up to date with current technology.

Our staff is devoted to providing you with satisfaction one hundred percent of the time. Not only do we guarantee our work, but we also toil tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all we do meets the highest of industry standards. Richtek electricians work hard to take advantage of the latest technology and pass its benefits on to you.  Everything we do upholds - and often sets - the high expectations our clients have of our work.

We strive to foresee your problems before they inconvenience you.

Few situations are more frustrating than paying someone to complete a job only to have to call them again for something else soon after. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and awareness to look at the bigger picture of your electrical system, not just the faulty portion. This forethought and understanding leads to positive interactions between our customers and electricians. Plus, they're willing to perform multiple tasks during a single visit, often noticing and solving the same challenge in one afternoon.

We’re here to keep you on your feet during transitions to new locations.

One of the biggest electrical safety risks we see in homes are outdated systems. Exposed or uncovered wires have the potential to heat up elements around them and cause a fire. Improperly installed power points or appliances can lead to malfunctions throughout the household. Bringing in a skilled Richtek electrician to perform an inspection can catch these pitfalls before they become full-blown problems.

Our inspection services are not only available in domestic settings but also in commercial and industrial locations in Cottesloe. One of our experienced electricians will check all of your wiring and installations to provide you with a complete picture of the situation. As a bonus, your electrician will be prepared to rewire or repair anything they find during their examination. This is particularly useful when moving somewhere new.

Richtek’s 24/7 emergency services are second to none.

An electrical emergency is considered a situation involving:

  • Sparks or smoke from a powerpoint or light fixture
  • A power outage located only in your home
  • Downed power lines or live wires
  • Flickering lights in your breaker panel

If you're experiencing any of these conditions, call our electricians immediately for emergency electrical services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team will either advise you on steps to take on your own or will come to fix the problem themselves, day or night.

What should you do during an electrical emergency?

Richtek staff are on call night and day to answer your questions and talk you through your electrical emergency. It's better to ask for advice instead of choosing the wrong course of action. Before touching anything connected to the problematic electrical system, turn off the power to the area at your electrical box. Don't ever touch live wires or cords with burned plastic on them. Keep children and pets away from the area as you survey the scene.

Richtek looks forward to hearing about your specific electrical needs.

Call today to get your home, office, or industrial property in Cottesloe inspected by one of our licensed and friendly team members. Richtek is always happy to help, and your safety and comfort is our concern.

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