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Keep your East Victoria Park home up to date with Richtek electrical services. From the latest thermostats to the most efficient and safe wiring, our skilled electricians are the ones for the job. Friendly, polite, and respectful, Richtek employees will be there on time and refuse to sign off on the job until you’re satisfied.

Richtek believes in trust and will only send trusted individuals to your location.

When hiring an electrician, you are searching for someone you trust to not only do a good job but also to be in your home. Our staff is both highly trained and trustworthy in work and life. At Richtek, we value your feeling of comfort with the individuals you invite inside your home as highly as you value our unmatched ability to repair or update your power.

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Richtek’s history is one of excellence and skill; don’t hesitate to ask for help!

After 12 years of experience working across all areas of the electrical industry, including industrial, domestic, commercial, and general maintenance, Philip Richardson founded Richtek. He combined his strong academic background with his work history to create East Victoria Park’s premier electrician service. Richardson's legacy lives on through the staff of talented, educated electrical minds.

With new years come new technology, and Richtek is sure to stay ahead of the curve.

Why waste precious resources on an electrical fix that will require fixing again in a few years to update faulty materials or repair a known issue when a more effective way to do things is already available? Richtek electricians keep current with industry trends and complete your projects according to the best of their knowledge and the highest level any electrician could.

Our team members are hard-working individuals that can relate to anyone.

The hours our electricians put into becoming the most accomplished individuals in their field lead to a strong level of work ethic. You wouldn't do what it takes to become the best and then become apathetic at your job. Our staff put their all into completing your job as efficiently and effectively as possible, leaving you satisfied.

By viewing projects with an objective lens, Richtek aims to keep your home safe.

Richtek electricians offer thorough inspections to provide you with a complete picture of the electrical system in your residential, industrial, or commercial space. One of the biggest dangers of electricity is its ability to cause problems that no one can see until it's too late. Knowing that your fixtures and wiring are updated and meet industry standards has the potential to protect you, your family, and all who enter your property for years to come.

The safety assurance that an inspection provides often proves to be invaluable. Plus, our electricians do more than notify you of potential problems. They remedy them, either permanently or temporarily, before they leave your property. Other companies might leave you waiting for a long time for follow-up service, but not Richtek.

Day or night, Richtek will be at your door to bring heat or AC back to your home.

We offer emergency electrical services day or night for situations involving sparks or smoke from a power point or light fixture, a power outage affecting no other homes, downed power lines or live wires, or flickering lights in your breaker panel. Even if you call in the middle of the night, we'll respond and provide at least a temporary fix for your power until a full repair can occur in the morning.

Our team is the best choice for electrical care.

Richtek electricians are all skilled across disciplines and uphold all industry standards. Their widespread knowledge inspires them to notice things many less educated electricians would miss. Deciding to work with the Richtek team means choosing quality service from excellent providers.

Our preventative inspections uncover issues before they become problems. Anyone else in the East Victoria Park area doesn't match the quality of service we provide.  Your Richtek electrician will become invested in your home and business, ensuring that your electrical system receives the utmost care and attention. Our team consistently goes above and beyond to look outside of their current task to be sure that there aren't other issues causing the problem.

When you contact us with an electrical emergency or problem, our team responds quickly and is ready to provide temporary solutions to keep your house or business running while our qualified electricians perform the permanent fix. You'll never be left wondering what's going on or how long it will take thanks to the active communication skills of our staff.

Is the wiring in your home safe? Call Richtek today to schedule an inspection.

Ask Richtek about the safety of wiring in your East Victoria Park home, office, or shop. Richtek offers 24/7 emergency electrical services. If it can’t be fixed immediately, they’ll provide a temporary fix to keep you up and running.

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