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Richtek is committed to providing the highest quality electrical services in Western Australia. The Richtek team brings top-notch service to Morley with a wide variety of skills. From residential to industrial properties, Richtek can accomplish your electrical needs.

Richtek’s electricians are trustworthy and honest.

One of the greatest challenges in finding a go-to electrician is connecting with trustworthy service providers to invite into your home. At Richtek, we only employ staff who you can welcome into your home with ease. Our electricians work carefully, treating your home like their own while providing the repair job you need.

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Our experienced team members take pride in their work.

The Richtek team is composed of electrical professionals equipped to use the most advanced techniques to meet your needs at the highest standards. They are continually training and enhancing their fine-tuned skills, bringing them to a standard of excellence others throughout Morley cannot reach.

Current technology saves you money, so Richtek knows it well.

Richtek electricians keep current with industry trends and can perform all of the newest and most effective techniques. With our team, you are not receiving a repair or replacement that is merely good enough, but instead is the best work possible. We pride ourselves on saving you stress, future maintenance, and money by doing the best possible job the first time.

The friendly team members at Richtek keep your lights on.

Not only are Richtek's electricians the best at what they do, but they're also the most enjoyable individuals to interact with while they get the job done. The friendly personalities of our team highlight the passion and joy behind the work that we do. Our staff is proud of their quality output and speed at which jobs are completed correctly.

By renovating electrical systems, we can prevent fires and other hazards.

Our highly educated and experienced electricians can consider the entire picture of your electrical system. They know that no part is working without a connection to other elements in the system. They can look at everything and predict problems before they arise. Plus, if there is an issue, they are already there and available to perform the necessary repairs.

We recommend bringing in one of our electricians for an inspection of your wiring, particularly if you own a historic building, have recently moved, or are remodelling your space. Especially in older construction, wires can become exposed, uncovered, or generally outdated. Fixtures can begin to fail, and standards for appliances can change. Any of these situations could cause damage to your electronics – or worse, a fire. Our electricians will not only find these problems for you but also repair them while they're there.

Why limit emergency services to half the clock? Richtek goes full circle!

Our emergency electrical services are available to residents in Morley at all times, day or night. Even if we can't completely fix your issue at that moment, we offer temporary fixes until daylight. If you are experiencing an electrical emergency, including sparks or smoke from a powerpoint, a power outage affecting no other homes, or flickering lights in your breaker panel, call us and we'll respond quickly.

Our advanced industrial team bands together to complete jobs in the harshest environments.

Richtek electricians come to industrial jobs with well-informed critical thinking and experienced creativity. Those skills are a must as all industrial locations are unique in their circumstances, from extreme temperatures to water exposure to weather conditions, and therefore require custom treatment. You can rest easy knowing that your electrical system is in capable hands with our prepared team.

Our electricians care about your safety and happiness.

At Richtek, we quickly become invested in the quality of life and wellbeing of our clients. Through our safety inspections and preventative maintenance services, we often find ourselves doing more than is required of us to be entirely sure no major electrical issues are plaguing your home or business. We hold ourselves to the highest of quality and safety standards and find joy in protecting your assets and loved ones.

We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you in the loop throughout the entire work process. Every member of our team has strong communication skills and uses them with our clients. When working with us, you will never be uncertain of what is happening with your inspection or repairs.

Our electricians work from a holistic approach.

Each of our electricians has advanced skills and in-depth knowledge of many electrical specialties. Their educated, well-informed perspectives enable them to notice the symptoms indicative of commonly-missed problems and develop creative solutions that less-educated or newer technicians might overlook. The quality of work performed by our team is unmatched.

For a safe home and work environment, call Richtek!

Ask Richtek about the safety of wiring in your home, office, or shop in Morley. Richtek offers 24/7 emergency electrical services. If it can’t be fixed immediately, they’ll provide a temporary fix to keep you up and running.

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