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Electrician WelshpoolWhen you need an electrician it can sometimes be difficult to find just the right one who can come when you want them.

Our Richtek Perth Electricians have been servicing the Welshpool area in WA for some years now and have many happy customers here.  Whether you need a whole house wired, commercial or industrial electrical contractors on a regular basis, or just want to have a powerpoint replaced, we will do the job cheerfully and thoroughly.

When it comes to any and all electrical work, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done on time and on budget. At the same time, we are detail and safety oriented so nothing is left out or left to chance.  We not only complete every job we have – and to our customer’s satisfaction – we make sure it is done with the utmost safety in mind.  We know how our customers rely on having power at their fingertips to get through the day at home and at work.

Whether you are a young single person, a parent working at home or scrambling to get to work on time, or whether you are a businessperson who relies on power and technology to conduct their business – and who doesn’t? – we are here for you. Our friendly staff will be on the job as soon as possible, making sure you have the electricity you need and deserve.

We offer emergency services in case your power goes off in the night when you need it, or in case you see sparks or find smoke coming from a power point or other electrical connection. Don’t delay, just give us a call and we’ll be there as soon as possible, once we establish exactly what’s going on. However, some blackouts affect the whole street, so it’s wise to look out and see if the street lights or neighbour’s lights are still on. If they’re not, you can assume there is an outage over a larger area and the fixing point is not in your home.

We can do just about any electrical job you need done, from installing air conditioning such as ducted or reverse cycle units, to adding power points and lights to a renovation. We will come and check your old wiring too, for safety. This should be done if the home is 10 years old or more to ensure the wiring isn’t damaged and likely to start a fire.

It’s not only age and the heat that can make the wiring covers brittle and cracked. Rodents such as mice and rats and even possums can get into the ceiling and chew on it. This can cause it to short out, overheat and start a fire.  So call us to book an appointment. We’ll be happy to oblige.

Our Electrical Services cover the following;

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We can also help you with all your Air Conditioning requirements.

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